Top 5 Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit of 2019

Before taking a loan, you today need to bear in mind there is a single database of credit history of all residents of the country. Turning to it, banks check information about a potential borrower who applied for a loan. If it turns out that bad financial history is there, they reject a customer request regarding obtaining a loan.

Most banks are strict to their customers when the matter refers to their financial history and pay attention to the slightest violation of the agreed terms. Of course, there are more loyal financial enterprises – a bad credit history of clients does not frighten them. They allow you to take a loan without any problems. However, the terms set forth in the agreement, as well as the rates being offered, are less favorable to you. Intended to get a loan under the best conditions? Then we have some cool solutions for obtaining guaranteed loans for bad credit.

What Solution Will Work for You?

Need money urgently? We will have some useful info for you to get a loan without any problems.

  • Contact an intermediary. A person involved in this business – a credit broker – will help you find an offer that you can take with insufficiently good payment history. The only thing that is required of the borrower is to submit a request, and the broker will consider offers from a multitude of financial organizations and provide the client with a list of the best ones.
  • Issue a credit card. It is in some cases the easiest way to get the required amount than turning to a bank and taking a loan from there, which is sometimes impossible for those with a bad credit history. By the way, when issuing cards, a bank rarely checks your financial history. The decision is made on the basis of the questionnaire submitted by the borrower; the risk of refusal here is compensated by high-interest rates.
  • Apply for an urgent loan that is issued not only by the bank but also by financial institutions. The decision is made in a short time, so it is considered far from being possible to analyze the client’s credit history in such a short time. The proof of the possibility of issuing a microloan with a bad history is the solvency of the borrower.
  • If you do not want to overpay covering all the risks of the bank, a good solution is to request a secured loan. This method is the most secure to the lender, so it is worth collecting the necessary documents. Even with the above problems, it is possible to take such a loan with an insignificant interest rate.

There are some alternative approaches you can stick to get money urgently even if your financial history is far from being perfect:

  • Contact an MFI company;
  • Become a user of the credit cooperative;
  • Apply to the bank where you already have a deposit, credit card or current account;
  • Take the money using the services of online loans;
  • Find a private lender.

Hope this post was useful for you and the attempt of getting a loan will be successful for you!

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